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Warrior Cats 30 Day Drawing Challenge
Day 1 favorite cat
Day 2 favorite leader
Day 3 favorite medicine cat
Day 4 favorite villain
Day 5 least favorite cat
Day 6 favorite ship
Day 7 favorite canon pairing
Day 8 least favorite ship
Day 9 least favorite canon pairing
Day 10 cat with the best design
Day 11 cat with the worst design
Day 12 cat with the most interesting life
Day 13 cat with the most predictable plotline
Day 14 you as a warrior cat
Day 15 favorite Clan
Day 16 least favorite Clan
Day 17 worst leader
Day 18 least favorite villain
Day 19 best siblings
Day 20 best sibling rivalry
Day 21 least favorite leader
Day 22 one of your fanclans
Day 23 favorite kittypet
Day 24 favorite rogue
Day 25 favorite animal character (not a cat)
Day 26 happiest moment
Day 27 saddest moment
Day 28 least favorite kittypet
Day 29 least favorite rogue
Day 30 put all your favorite cats from the books into one clan. (you can make up a clan or use an already existing clan)
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United States
Bio Image by: yosovii
I have seen the 30 day, 365 day, and 100 day drawing challenges. But not everyone is online for those! So I decided to make a simple and short drawing day challenge!!

1): Chibi your main OC
2): Sketch out a genderbend version of your OC
3): Favorite pokemon
4): Favorite cartoon character
5): Favorite book character
6): Your crush as an animal
7): Favorite cartoon ship
8): Saddest moment in a movie
9): Scenery of where you imagine yourself Dying
10): A banner to congratulate yourself for completing the challenge

And if you do decide to do this challenge please tag me so I can check out your drawings! I am going to do this challenge myself! So please don't be shy and give it a try!! <3


I redraw your OC to look like my art style!
Headshot *CLOSED*
A headshot with shading and extra details



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